What we do

Our main goal is to help businesses access a wider pool of potential customers while empowering people to earn more.


Earn money by selling products or bookings listed in the app. Download the app, signup, browse through the lists, add your profit on each item you want to sell and start selling. Your profit is paid to you when you sell. You can buy promoted items at wholesale prices. Your customers can split their orders amongst their friends to pay for them.


Earn money when your products or booking items are sold. Thousands of resellers are available to sell out your items. You can also sell by yourself. Download the app, signup and list your products or bookings. Get paid once you deliver your product or service to a customer. You have more chances of selling out when you promote your items.

Delivery Partner

Earn money by picking up products from Suppliers and delivering same to customers in your region. We work with a number of delivery service providers that cover different regions. If you are a delivery service provider, join now and setup your delivery zones and charges. We pay you as soon as your delivery round is complete.


Earn money on your website or app. We have made it super easy for our Suppliers, businesses and ad agencies to reach more customers across multiple online channels in real-time. If you are a publisher, join now and setup your ad spaces. We pay you periodically or when an ad completes. You can also earn profits selling for our Suppliers.


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